1. Cleaned up the Family files to reflect new data.

2. Redesigning of the site in places; in terms of cosmetics & function.

3. You can find these new additions to the site capabilities:

a) AFan Chart available under the ancestors view of an individual.

b) Quick listing of Maternal & Paternal lines under the ancestors view of an individual.

c) The ability to submit a photo or document directly (Admin will review for prepping for size,etc.)

d) The ability to fill in/add details of an individual to a organized worksheet.

e) A newMAP that shows locations of an indivual's ancestors birth, marriage, & death on one map.

f) Added a Family Facebook page as a "closed group" invite only.

g) As well there are many more things to explore, if you check an individual's page, or the Navigation & Help outline in the "Other" tab up top.

Please pardon us if at times you find things still need to be organized. 10,659 people take a little time to make their pages shine!